Hamilton Road

  • (blockwork)
  • (concrete)
  • (oak)

Magri Williams has renovated and extended a family house in South London. The project was designed to be completed in two stages. Firstly a full house renovation; and secondly, and a year after the completion of the previous stage, a side extension. The design had to be conceived in one process and then deconstructed to suit the two phases.

The new extension opens up the back of the house and provides a kitchen and dining room. A fixed window and mirrored pivot door maximises the level of natural light and connects the living area with the garden. Timber rafters are exposed and a large roof light creates a play with light, as the sun moves around the site. An internal window connects the extension back to the existing house, framing views of the dining room and the garden beyond. 

The design philosophy takes a less is more approach . The extension walls are constructed from fairfaced blocks externally and internally. Whilst this required a higher level of design, to ensure the right blocks were used and all rafter and lintel details could be hidden, it meant that no internal finishes were required — no plaster, skirting or cornice, which in turn simplified the construction method and reduced the level of waste.

A key material in the project was the exposed fair faced blockwork walls used to construct the extension. Traditionally an industrial material, we were keen to use the supporting material palette to soften the blocks and provide a calm space. We achieved this through the use of oak, which was used for the kitchen and joinery pieces.

Photography by Stale Eriksen

Magri Williams is an architecture and interior design studio creating beautifully refined homes with a calm and crafted environment.