Magri Williams is an architecture and interior design studio creating design led homes with a calm and crafted environment. 

Our studio’s work is centered around finding a considered solution to our client’s brief by taking the big idea and resolving it back to its simplest form, to a point where there is nothing more to add or to take away. We strive to find the delicate balance between craft, materials, functionality, sustainability, light and nature, whilst sensitively considering each detail to create a refined design. 

Through this approach, our projects use a restrained material palette with the aim of elevating the beauty of the natural materials selected. The architecture becomes soft, light, sensitive, creating an environment that is beautiful, peaceful and timeless. 

We work hard to build relationships with local suppliers to understand how products are made. By interacting with the craft, we aim to understand the materials and the tradition which came before us. Layered into this, our aim is to respect the environment and history, we look to collaborate and work with existing ideas so our buildings contribute to their context.


Each project is unique and our studio specialises in tailoring our services to meet our client’s requirements. Throughout each project, we will maintain an ongoing conversation, so our clients are guided through a building project with as much or as little involvement as they would like. With each conversation we will listen to their requirements, bringing our experience to benefit the project, whilst creating an enjoyable working relationship. 

We start each project with a workshop to understand our client’s brief and preferences. At this meeting, we discuss the brief, programme and budget to ensure they align from the start. Following this, we present at each RIBA workstage to review the developing design. This continues on site, where we review the design and site progress with the contractor on a weekly basis. We believe this approach results in a well considered and resolved project. 

We appreciate that for most people, a building project is the biggest investment of a lifetime. In response, we take on a limited number of projects a year so we can focus our attention fully on a project. To support this, we also have a strong network of suppliers and makers, which we work with to ensure a high level of design. 

Our holistic approach sees us work through all RIBA work stages, which we feel is key to deliver a beautiful and well considered design. To help you understand the stages of a building project please see The Process section of our website.

The team

Magri Williams is an architecture and interior design studio run by Joe Magri and Alice Williams, a husband and wife duo. 

Collectively we studied and worked in London before setting up Magri Williams in 2018. We set up the studio together so that we could share our ideas and joint passion for design, with the aim to deliver considered and beautiful projects. 

Whilst each project is led by either Joe or Alice, behind the scenes, we are both actively engaged in all projects. We take a collaborative approach throughout the design process so that each project benefits from multiple perspectives and frequent design reviews.

Sustainability and wellbeing

Working with our environment is a key principle of our studio. Our work is rooted in locality and our design development takes a research based approach to find materials based on their proximity to site and environmental impact. We are committed to better the energy performance of our buildings and find sustainable solutions to our designs. 

We are interested in the benefit that architecture can bring to human wellbeing and the human senses; touch, sight and hearing. We believe that the use of natural materials and considered layouts can provide calm, tactile and warm spaces that rouse a human response and creates enjoyable homes.

Awards and press

  • House & Garden’s 2023 Rising Stars
  • NLA Don’t Move, Improve! 2022 Longlist
  • NLA Don’t Move, Improve! 2020 Shortlist
  • The Brick Awards, 2020 Shortlist
  • The AJ Specification Awards, 2020 Shortlist
  • NLA Don’t Move, Improve! 2019 Shortlist 
  • Design Anthology, April 2022
  • Brick By Brick, Architecture Built With Bricks, 2022
  • A New Leaf, Curated Homes Where Plants Meet Design, 2022
  • Dwell, April 2022
  • Enki Magazine, January 2021
  • Architect’s Journal, October 2021
  • Living Etc, February 2020
  • Dwell, November 2019
  • Wallpaper, August 2019
  • Enki Magazine, March 2019
  • Architect’s Journal Emerging Practice, January 2019


Magri Williams is a RIBA Chartered Practice.

Joe Magri and Alice Williams are both registered Architects and listed on the Architect’s Registration Board.


Thank you for considering our studio. We are not currently recruiting, but we hold a small number of CVs on record to call upon when needed. If you are a freelance Architect working in Revit, we would like to hear from you.

Please send your CV and cover letter to hello@​magriwilliams.​co.​uk.

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