Albert Road

  • (handmade brick)
  • (concrete)
  • (oak)

This project provides a full width rear extension and whole house refurbishment to a property in North London. Located within the Stroud Green Conservation Area, the sensitive nature of the context was a starting point; Magri Williams carefully explored the form and materiality to establish a soft connection between the new and existing. 

The extension takes the form of two pitched blocks that are stepped to the rhythm of the original building and the angles of the roof. Large openings puncture the rear elevation and a full width angled roof light floods the internal kitchen and dining room with natural light. Externally, a handmade brick was used to complement the existing building, but subtly different to announce the new. 

The material palette was deliberately limited to create a minimal, but tonal and warm interior. A beige concrete floor was used to reflect the hues in the brick and oak, extending externally. This was complimented by a handmade Oak kitchen, finished with a light white wash to bring the tones together. 

An oak timber portal signifies the junction of the existing and new, angled to match the long roof lights. The wide opening allows for long site lines through the property, allowing the clients to appreciate the changing shadows as they cast on the extension walls. 

The bathrooms make use of handmade tiles, with white tapware and a lime wash paint to create refined and relaxing environment.

Photography by Stale Eriksen

Magri Williams is an architecture and interior design studio creating beautifully refined homes with a calm and crafted environment.